My Creative Projects



Professionally, I've done portraits, sports team photography, martial arts photography, school dances and graduations.
But I don't seek out those kinds of gigs much anymore. I focus these days on personal photography - birds, flora and fauna, some landscapes. My photos capture my personal experience outdoors. I print and hang some of the photos in our home, and use the photos as source material for other projects.

Glass Work

Years ago, I started playing with fused glass. I've always loved the medium, but never stuck with it because it takes up space, burns energy, and most of the time is spent watching kilns fire instead of doing active work. But I am trying again - I got a new glass kiln, and it fires more quickly. I'm working on creating glass paintings, and sculpting small trinkets of various kinds. 

Digital / Physical Transitions

Pervading everything I create is a transition between digital and physical realms. I go out in nature, and collect digital images. I use my coding and tech skills to process and manipulate those images. I write programs to convert digital images into patterns and designs for physical objects.
I enjoy all of this because it ties together aspects of who I am - I'm a outdoorsy nature lover who spent their life in tech and thinks that digital tools produce nifty effects that are a little cheesy on a screen, but kinda cool when brought back into the real world.


Purely a hobbyist painter... but I'm starting to have friends and family hang up some of my work on walls, with positive feedback, so maybe I'm getting better and will do more in the future... perhaps even try to develop some personal style and skill and participate in a show or two. We'll see...