Software professional with 25+ years in SaaS product development, coding, consulting, platform transformations, and data migrations.

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"Assuming Good Faith"

I recently participated in a thread on Hacker News, where someone had posted a horror story of a bad boss, and how it went badly for them when they went over said bosses head, telling upper management that their boss was incompetent. I replied, saying…

I'm quite independent, possibly to a fault. I play well with authority, but am quite clear on where that authority begins and ends. So my relationship with everyone I've ever worked for has for the most part been professional and effective, but not necessarily friendly.

Trust in Leadership

You should trust the people you work for. If you do not trust them, you are not in the right job. We could delve into how to build trust, who to blame, whether they deserve it, but none of that matters - without trust, there…

Finding a Software Job

I've seen the discussion on Hacker News a dozen times - someone posts their statistics of their jobs search. They sent out 37 resumes, got 26 responses, which led to 19 teach screens, 14 inteviews, 5 on-site visits, and 3 offers, so now how do…