Launching the Codingdave Store

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What is there today?

Shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Swimsuits showcase the "swirly" designs that I've been sketching and paiting for a few decades.

What will be there in the future?

More designs. On more products. And I hope to sell my glass trinkets and acrylic paintings there later this year.


Two main reasons:

  • My artwork has always been more the kind of thing that would look good as a design on a physical object vs. imagery that belongs on a gallery wall. So I'm embracing that and making it so.
  • Because I am getting weary of the tech world. And I've learned quite a bit about creating software products that people appreciate. I'd like to find out if I can do the same thing outside the software world. I don't know if I can learn what people like and want enough to make this a living or not, but I intend to try.

Why just name it after my web site's domain? 

For better or worse, this is the personal branding I've been running with for a number of years, and even if my store isn't about coding or tech, it is/was a signficant part of my career, so I'm keeping the name. This whole thing is a bit of an experimental effort, so we shall see how it unfolds over time.