Dave's Work Experience

Coding experience

I have worked in tech for over 30 years, including 20+ years of coding as well as product leadership. This includes multiple startups, both successful and not, as well as being a key member of internal enterprise IT organizations. I worked at various times as an individual team member, tech lead, founder, and independent consultant. The majority of my work has been in web-based applications, including modern frameworks (React/node), PaaS (Salesforce), and legacy platforms (Domino, SharePoint).

Consulting Experience

My consulting projects over the years have included:

  • Platform Migrations and Upgrades.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Planning Domino Decommission/Migration projects including application portfolio analysis and target platform recommendations.
  • SCADA, data gathering, and reporting system for a renewable energy startup.
  • Development manager for startups.
  • Individual Career Coaching

Product experience

I spent the bulk of the 2010s building a Policy Management solution for the K-12 market. We grew from idea to a working product, from startup to getting acquired. My role grew from "just" a coder, into the Product Owner. Over the years, I worked with the product through initial development of the solution, growth, acquisitions, dev team changes, platform changes, and integration into a new company.

Industry experience

I have worked in: Research Labs, Technology Consulting, Enterprise IT, Public Sector, Education, Healthcare, Content Management, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Shipping, Banking, Oil / Gas, Government, Transportation, and Analytics.