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Trust in Leadership

You should trust the people you work for.

If you do not trust them, you are not in the right job. We could delve into how to build trust, who to blame, whether they deserve it, but none of that matters - without trust, there is no open communication, and problems grow. So if you do not trust your leadership and do not want to trust them, your job is the wrong one.

The more insteresting discussion is what if you do not trust your leadership, but do want to. You like the job, you like the product, you want it to succeed and be a part of it, but... just can't fully trust the people you work for.

I am going to propose something that sounds difficult, but try it - Trust them anyway. Fake it til you make it. Give them your trust, disregarding all your fellings against it. 

Because they either will live up to that trust or not. If they do, you will get what you want - a healthy working relationship with a team you like on a product you beleive in. Or... if they break that trust, you know for a fact they do not deserve your trust, and you can walk away with no lingering doubts or regrets.

Many people have a hard timing take that leap to trust by default, and end up in this grey area where they are waiting for their leaders to prove they deserve it. And most business relationships I've seen live in that grey for years. It isn't worth it. Life is short. Either beleive in your team or not. You may bounce around a bit before finding the right team to work with, but you'll be happier at the end of that journey.