Software professional with 25+ years in SaaS product development, coding, consulting, platform transformations, and data migrations.

Contact: hikingdave @ gmail.com

Purpose of codingDave.com

I've always liked writing. I've blogged off and on over the years, and will probably pull some old content in here over time.

But recently, I've been feeling writing calling to me, as something I am supposed to be doing in my life. And I've thought about what writing I can offer the world that adds value, and isn't just self-introspection. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

I've decided that I have two main areas I want to work on:

  1. Improving the (software) world. I want to pursue ideas about how software can improve the world and people's lives. But I also want to pursue ideas of how the practice of software development can be improved, to improves the working lives of those in the industry.
  2. Leaning to code - There are many places that teach you how to code already. But I want to focus on the deconstruction/reconstruction aspect of creating software moreso than "how to code". This is a part of the work that is not taught, and not even well practiced within the profession. I want to create content that illustrates what this is, why it matters, and how to do it.

At the time of this writing, I haven't written one word in these areas. If you happen to see this page in the next few weeks, I'd ask you to come back later. I hope to be able to create some good content over the course of this winter, and remove this paragraph by spring.