Software professional with 25+ years in SaaS product development, coding, consulting, platform transformations, and data migrations.

Contact: hikingdave @ gmail.com

Dave's Work Experience

Coding experience

I have coded professionally for over 20 years. I worked in multiple startups, both successful and not, as well as been a key member of internal enterprise IT organizations. I worked at various times as an individual team member, tech lead, founder, and independent consultant. The majority of my technical experience has been in web-based applications, including both legacy platforms and modern frameworks.

Product experience

Since 2013, the bulk of my work has been as the technical product owner for the Policy Management system for the K-12 educational market (Document authoring, editing, publishing, and distribution)

It began as a small team effort (myself, the CEO, and a SME in policy), acting as a startup-within-a-startup, as part of BoardDocs, the leading K-12 School Board Management product. In our first year, we developed from the initial idea to a working prototype, which we iterated on with 2 state school board assocations. Over the next few years, we integrated the publishing with BoardDocs, expanded to a dozen states, to over 2500 school districts.

After an acquisition of our products, I stepped away for a year starting in mid-2017 to pursue other opportunities, but was asked to return in late 2018, at which point we re-invigorated the product, spending 2019 catching up on the technical backlog, re-engaging with all partners, and are looking forward to evolving it further in 2020.

Industry experience

I have worked in: Research Labs, Technology Consulting, Education, Healthcare, Content Management, Manufacturing, Shipping, Banking, Oil / Gas, Government, Transportation, and Analytics.
Currently working for a large SaaS organization, providing policy management, and board meeting management solutions to the public sector.